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Moose Lottery

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Moody from Manchester, I think, is still pushing this bill to take the moose lottery away from MDIFW and put it in the hands of the Maine Lottery Commission.
I have no definative reasons that I can give, but I just don't think this is a good idea.
I know it stems from mistrust!
Any ideas?
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I agree! I spoke with him about this issue and he kept saying over and over that he wanted to make sure the entire process was being done honestly. I asked him several times that if he felt that way, then there must be a reason you think it isn't being run on the up and up.
He kept denying that there was anything that indicated it was fouled but wanted it changed anyway.
Can he be in someone's back pocket? I dunno!
Moody from Manchester, I think, is still pushing this bill to take the moose lottery away from MDIFW and put it in the hands of the Maine Lottery Commission.
Unsure who Moody is but be interesting to hear what evidence he has that the lottery is fixed? I know I've been only drawn twice :roll: :wink: I have my doubts there is any fixing going on. Now if the Maine lottery folks take it over would it be scratch tickets? That be nice :lol:

Sounds like someone who is full of sour grapes and some bad luck. I think NH has a moose lottery but maybe its fixed over there too :roll:
IF&W really doesn't have much to do with the moose season desisions. It's the State Legislature! A batch of folks who know nothing of game managment and have no idea how many animals are really out there. Southern Maine has lots of moose, just ask any turnpike worker who has to go out an remove them from the highway.

More than enough moose to have a season but it's not politically correct to hunt them where the are tame. (ha ha )
Right now, the Legislative committee to the IF&W is discussing whether to have the moose lottery drawing moved over to the Maine Lotto Commssion. I haven't received anything and nothing has been posted yet as to whether that bill has gotten out of committee.

If it does I'll let you know.

From what Stan Moody told me, he is sick and tired of being harrassed by angry applicants who haven't been picked yet for a permit - and of course they blame it on the system being rigged.

One of the fears I expressed to Moody was putting more control of this stuff into the hands of money grabbing lawmakers. I don't trust none of em!
I'm still keeping an eye on this Bill because I don't trust anyone. It hasn't gotten out of committee yet and it may never.
I have put in for the moose drawing since 1980, the first year in over 40 years of no moose hunting. My Father was a sub-permittee the first year and shot a moose. My wife get drawn in '02 and I was sub on that one but wifey got her moose! (she said she'd shoot me if I killed it)

That is 25 or 26 years of "paying my dues" (not enough fingers) to shoot a Maine moose. Hell, I can go to Quebec and shoot two per year for under $1000.

We need a constitutional amendment and Board of Game like Alaska.
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