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Moose Lottery

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Good luck to all in tonights moose lottery drawing. Keep us informed if you are selected
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Looks like I'm going!! Zone 2 Bull. I'm the sub, and shooter :wink: , on my dads permit.
me too!! i am the shooter for my dad's girl friend permit in zone 14 for a bull!! i have a camp 15 mins away too
Congrats to all. As for me, maybe next year will be the year I finally see my name in print
Going after 2 this yr in Zones 5 and 10. By buddy and his step mom got the tags.
Congratulations everyone who got lucky! There must be more than this though.
Looks like the IFW screwed up and forget to allocate hunters for zone 19. 60 alternates have been assigned these spots. Saw this in the Bangor Daily News.
Yea you can read some commentary on it here too:
Come now STweedie! We all hate lotteries when they don't make us winners. :lol: :lol:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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