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Moose on the Loose

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I'm at my camp in Bethel now and all day long there's been what looks like a yearling moose hanging out in the tall grass across the road. I'll have to get a pic up of the little guy. Maybe tomorrow.
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We are seeing a lot more of last years calves by themselves now also. Got 3 , I see everyday and they aren't the least bit scared of you.
IT now appears that the moose has taken up residence here on our lot. My wife was down on the end of the lot working the other day and thought she heard me coming down to check on her. When she looked up, it was little moose. Little Moose hung around for quite some time. My wife came and got me and I took a couple of pics with I have on my digital camera. I can't get them off my camera and into the computer because I can't get my photo software loaded onto to this old computer I decided to bring northe with me.

If I can get the dang pics downloaded, I'll share them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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