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I didn't have any luck swapping mine. I wanted a Zone 2 then if not Zone 1. I am not too picky on whether I get a bull or cow, I suppose that this hunt is more about the experience, memories and the adventure of it all. It will be great either way- There are some huge bulls up in Zone 1 let me tell you!! My fiancee and I had one charge into the side of us one day whie bird hunting (it was in hot pursuit of a cow during the rut). I think the SUV got hurt more than the moose, what a nice moose though! There are a few outiftters up that way that could get you a moose within a day or two, then there are some that are fairly new and just have no idea- but, it takes experience.. Which outfitters are you going with if you don't mind me asking? Moosetowner
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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