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  1. Any one have recommendations on good moose hunting books or recources?
  2. I would start with field experience. Buy a good call like a Phantom and spend as much time in the woods as your life can bear!! A trip or two with a good guide can teach a lot as well!!

  3. Ok thank you. I plan on waiting a yeRr or 2 and collecting some points before putting in. Good tip on the guide, ill look into that. But I love DIY..I plan on spending some time scouting, camping , canoeing, in the North Woods this year.
  4. Books and videos are created to entertain....real education and knowledge is a first person activity. That is why school is so boring!!
  5. Bassah's pretty much on the right track with respect to the fact it's hard to beat field experience.

    Here's a couple of resources that will be of help until you can get some boots on the ground time in.
    Head and shoulders the best moose hunting info. A little spendy but chock full of real info and tips.
    Huge amount of moose hunting info.

    Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlfe's Moose Hunters Guide

    Lots of good basic info if you haven't already had a chance to read it yet.
  6. I would be also very interested in getting a call like this one..
    Haydel's Game Calls Haydels Moose Call Md: MO06 MO06Haydel's Game Calls Haydels Moose Call Md: MO06 MO06

    I had one simular to it and it would just about spin a moose around during the October season. Unfortunately I dropped mine someplace and have not found it sence..