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More Land to Hunt on?

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Not sure the best place to put this topic - If any of you have been following the Plum Creek development deal in and around Moosehead know, I lot of people don't like it BUT

What is now just coming out, at least in the press and the rest of us who don't live near Greenville, is part of the development calls for placing 400,000 acres (twice the size of Baxter) as secure land for hunting, fishing, etc.

What ya'll think about this?
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My understanding was that they were "donating" certain [unusable] portions of their land to charitable organizations who "may or may not" allow hunting and fishing.
Plum Creek says they don't know if these organizations allow hunting and fishing.

It's most likely inaccessable backland or swampland in "resource protection" that can't be built on or even cut over (timber harvesting). Then they take a MASSIVE TAX BREAK essentially keeping all their profits for several years!
This company is S.A.P.P.I. folks. They are not interested in our well being, just their own.
You know you never hear both sides of any issue that the one side don't want you to hear.
Thanks for your take on the situation and please educate me as to what SAPPI means - even if it is private message
Dirigo, is that a guess or are you asking?
Why cant they come out and tell us where this land is that there giving to us. They had a meeting in town this week to explain it more but I couldn,t make it. I,m going to ask around and see what they had to say.
Yeah, Shooter! See what you can find out.
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