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Mountain Lion Sighting

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A bunch of people are claiming to have spotted a mountain lion in a field outside of Rutland, VT. They say one guy took pictures.
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I don't see any pictures posted here.....must be a rumer! *grin*
pics pics we need pics...

This isn't the first and I am sure it won't be the last time kenton6 spreads rumors all across New England.... :lol:
People in Mass are always saying they've seen Mountain Lions. I'm thinking about getting a gorilla suit and running around a few neighborhoods and see where that gets me! :lol: :lol:
Probly get you shot... :D
If you were running around in Taxachussets no telling what you might get.
Actually, I have a confession to make. I have already written a story about the dang mountain lion and it will post itself at the Black Bear Blog in the morning. I kinda got ahead of myself, so you'll have to wait till tomorrow for the details.

I'm off on a photo shooting safari into the wilds of central Florida long before the sun comes up.
Probly get you shot...
Why do you think I chose Mass? They make impossible for any honest person to own a gun.
Good point... just be careful of them ghetto boys... :wink:
ive seen a mountain lion
Where! In what state?
hancock, maine. i was walking up my drive way(1/4 mile) and heard a twig snap. i looked over and this huge cat is staring back at me, a second later, he took off. he was about the size of my lab, tan fur with a long bushy tail with black rings
Bet that took you by surprise. The hair on the back of my neck probably would have stood up if it were me.
I'll take on the approach of the fish and wildlife people.

"There are no cougars in Maine. What you saw was probably your neighbors tabby cat. When you are scared, even a house cat can grow to enormous sizes."

Sorry! I just had to do that.

I think it's kinda like seeing a UFO!
I have been to the regional office in Sidney and they have three lockers lined up. One says cougar sightings, one says wolf sightings, the last one says elvis sightings.
It kind of gives you an idea of how they think.
Which locker has the most in it? Elvis?

I saw him at a rest stop in western North Carolina one day while visiting the Smokies - Honest! It really was him!

I hope though that this guy that witnesses say was taking pictures, got some good ones. We need something more to write about.
I saw a mountain lion just this past weekend! It was in a cage at UMPI at the outdoor show they had up there. They also had a bear that they claimed weighed 550lbs but I say 350 tops!
I had a mt lion jump the road in front of me on the Canton Point rd in Dixfield 6 years ago.. big cat, saw track in Livermore Falls too.. they are here.. mfm
I can't say who but I have personaly seen a home video of some bear hunters I know well and have hunted with right here in Maine that saw a mountain lion cross the road ahead of them while bear hunting with hounds.They turned their dogs loose on the track and treed a nice large male mountain lion.See the film myself and know for a fact they treed it in Maine as it took place in a area I know real well.
Two of my neighbors swear they saw a mountain lion on separate occasions two summers ago. There are several people who saw what they are sure are tracks in the mud on the road to our camp a few years ago. I don't doubt them.
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