My latest project..

Discussion in 'Shooting' started by Travismaine, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. So far this thing is wicked kewl. [​IMG]
  2. How about some details? Is the barrel 45 cal. and chambered for 45 acp?

  3. Yes. You start with a 98 remove the barrel put he .45acp barrel on adjust headspace ( very easy on a 98) install the mag adapter ( uses 1911 mags ) then play. The .45 suppresses very well to begin with. Out of a bolt gun it is astounding. I want to build this into a DeLisle style gun with a custom integral suppressor working on the plans for doing that now. When that is done it will be stupid quiet.
  4. What would it cost to build one for a client? With and without the suppressor?
  5. You would need a complete 98 action and stock the kit form Rhineland. The suppressor a screw on .45 can will run you 600 and up.
  6. My kid got a suppressor for his AR... can't even hear him shoot out back now!

    Can only imagine how quiet that rifle is and how much fun you'll have!
  7. If you think the 5.56 is quiet the .45 and the 22lr will amaze you.
  8. I'll bet!!

    The police were here a few times when neighbors called about him when he was using his bump stock!

    Course he doesn't use his suppressor with his bump stock, but the calls don't come anymore.
  9. < Why not use it with he bumpfire? Why did the police come?
  10. We have neighbors that had nothing better to do than to call the police whenever the sound of gun fire is heard.

    He was afraid it could damage his suppressor firing with his bump stock.