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Neil Olson's Trappers Weekend

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August 18-19-20 in Bethal, ME.

I was planning on being there on Saturday but may stay the full weekend if finances allow. I am hoping to get some of the seminars on tape and maybe some interesting photos.

I would like to know if anyone from here is planning to be there and if so where you are planning to camp and how long you'll stay.

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Dare we ask?
Thanks for that update Jack! Geez some of those names you're thowing around I think have been there since before God created trapping. I wish I had been there.

Not everyone knows Neil's first love is baseball. Baseball, baseball, baseball, that's what he did growing up. He made me a better ball player even though I got hit in the head quite a few times by some of his throws.

So now you know why I am the way that I am....the way that I am.....the way that I am.....the way that I am....the way that I am.... :crazy:
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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