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Neil Olson's Trappers Weekend

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August 18-19-20 in Bethal, ME.

I was planning on being there on Saturday but may stay the full weekend if finances allow. I am hoping to get some of the seminars on tape and maybe some interesting photos.

I would like to know if anyone from here is planning to be there and if so where you are planning to camp and how long you'll stay.

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Well, it seems there is going to be quite a GANG from John Porters website having a pigroast on Saturday night with all the fixin's. You boys are going to miss a great time.
I wonder if John P. will make it.
I'll be in-near-around an old two door 4-runner, gray with guide stickers on the back window. Just leave me a note if I'm not with the truck.
Aint happened yet, Steve! I hope to find my digital before I go...
Olson's, day one. Well it was day one for ME. Some of them snuck in and dropped their campers off Monday and a lot of them came on Tuesday and stayed right through the weekend! Talk about imposing on Neal's hospitality!

I got my table set up and pitched my tent before 8am then went to visit and see where some friends were at this year and shoot the bull. I got to watch Paul Grimshaw do a seminar on water animals but I missed one fisher demo and caught the other by Bob Noonan. Bob is a clever speaker and can keep the audience involved. He is also a clown sometimes and that keeps things interesting too.

I also wanted to see Jerry Labeau's conibear stint but customers kept me busy, which is why I went in the first place.

If you ever get a chance, you have to see DANA JOHNSON do a 'lures and bait' demo. He is as funny and entertaining as anyone and he loves Blackie's Blend fruit base! He accurately measures the amount of oil he adds [by eye] and the tent always smells like someone is putting up jam for the winter.

Friday night was the first night I spent in a tent in years, and hopefully will be the last . . . EVER! Between the hard ground, the sneaker-pillow and the band next to me going on into the night, I got little sleep and was up a 5am. That's a bit late for me, normally.
After having the wife pack for me for so many years, when I packed for myself this time I forgot many things. I didn't see it coming but I have grown dependant!

Saturday, breakfast was a big hit for all who could get out of bed and at only $3 it was worth it not to do cooking dishes!
Jerry Braley did a very informative demo on martin & fisher and I saw some techniques I hadn't thought of or seen before. Jerry is very personable, funny and a self-proclaimed 'cheapskate' but like he says, "we as trappers have to be if we ever hope to make a dollar trapping!"

Saturday I was also dragged off to Byron for a filming of PROSPECTING AMERICA for the OUTDOOR CHANNEL with the Maine Gold Diggers club.
More than 11 dredges in the water a lots of sluiceboxes to. There must have been 60 people there!

Back to Bethel by noon, the tackle sales picked up and my friend needed to 'walk his dog' away from the tent for a while, so I didn't get out much after that.
There were lots of things I wanted to see and some I wanted to video but just didn't have the time.

The next one is in Medford and I think I'll just go and video the demo's!

Sunday??? I wasn't there. When I heard the weather forecast, I booked out of there Saturday night, had a well needed shower and got to sleep in my own bed.
Neal Olson is a class act and runs a top rendesvous! There were over a dozen porti-potti's, Bethel police patrolled the grounds (more at night), and his neighbors seemed to take it all in stride knowing it would all be over on Monday.
Class act, class operation.

p.s. Tom & Steve...Neal said "who???" Ha ha LOL Neals says hi guys! He also mumbled something about Steve being able to play ball real well!
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