New coyote hunting

Discussion in 'Maine Predators Hunting' started by rustyinmaine, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. New to coyote hunting in general so, bare with me and Hello everyone!
    I have been out 6 times with no luck. Think I had one on other end of power line, caught a glimpse of streaking fur but don't really know what I am doing. Been hunting in the maine deer woods since I was a kid, So not new to the woods.
    I don't know anyone that hunts coyote so looking to Google and forums for knowledge. Calls? How long to call? Cover scents? Camo? Set ups? Where (not hunting spots but typical areas to scout/hunt)? Rifle or shotgun?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated or if anyone knows someone that may be willing to mentor. I am a very respectful student and eager to learn. I have couple spots that have decent sign I would be willing to share in biddeford/saco for a lesson.
    Thanks in advance and happy hunting, Rusty
  2. Hello and welcome to hunting world. You are new in coyote hunting so be careful and read safety guides before you go on Hunt. You can also use choke tube in front of your gun for better shooting experience. Coyotes are very claver and have great eyesight, so you can use electronic calls to attract them and shoot like a professional hunter. You must cover your face and hands and find a good place to shoot them. I would like to hear about your first hunting experience.