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  1. Howdy

    I considering making a move to Maine.

    I've done a search on the forum in regards to public lands, and was hoping gain more knowledge from responses on this forum.

    I've been the Maine state website, and I find very little land designated as public, I was looking for a map like it's marked out west for BLM, State, or Federal public land. I saw maybe one park and was a bit discouraged.

    Is most land access for hunting purposes gained through hunt clubs/leases?

    I did see several posts regarding land owned by paper mills and the such, is there a central website that lists this land?

    I'm not looking for spoon feeding, but more for you guys to point me in the right direction in researching this.

  2. Welcome to the site.
    I'll try to explain the situation here in Maine. Alot of the land in the northern 1/3rd of the state is owned by paper companies. This land is open to the public for fishing,hunting,trapping and generally recreational use. The rest of the land in the southern part of the state is mostly privately owned. Most people will allow you to use their land, all it takes is a knock on the door and respect the rules of their land.
    I don't know if there is maps per say for what each land owner has unless you go to the towns municipality and ask for plot maps.
    Leases are becoming a big issue up here in Maine. One I wish not to discuss due to my negativity towards them.
    Hope this helps you out and once again welcome to the site.
    John Porter

  3. Yea what Porter said...

    Also, you stick around here and chat with some of these folks and I bet you could get a nice tour around the state from the perspective of these folks. If you ever decide to move up to Maine I bet you could get some of these guys here to take you out and show you some good spots.

    But, you get out of southern Maine and you'll find some places you can just walk into without permission.
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    Welcome to the site autorotate (I want to know the story behind that name - I think)
    This link will give you a list of the public land areas, their sizes and locations. At the bottom of the page there is a link that will get you some more info.

    JP's advice is good - as always. Most town offices are friendly if you go asking to look at tax maps.
  5. Thanks

    Remington, Porter, Kenton....Thank you for all the timely/informative replies.

    Kenton, the autorotate screen name has to do with my occupation...helo/airplane pilot for the Army. I love 'em both, just the helo seems to scratch the aviation itch a bit better. And thanks for the infomative link.

    Is this link a good reference as well?

    Let me know if you've got any able young bodies (less than 31 by selection) that are interested in flying for the Army, I can help them out.

    Are there any unique real estate considerations I should think about in regards to purchasing property/real estate in Maine. How about RR easements? Example: Out in the West water/mineral rights, public access easments, water well age/depth can bite the unsuspecting in the buttocks in uninformed.

    Thanks in advance. Maine is looking good so far.

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    I think anyone should be diligent in making sure they obtain clear title with no encumbrances on a piece of property.
  7. In Maine we have a law that the realtor has to make a full disclosure of any and all liens or easements up front.