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    Welcome! Sounds like you're loving the dream!

  3. Whats up everyone, Richard here. I've been lurking on the forum for some time and finally decided to say hi and possibly ask a question. I hunt for almost 30 years, but it seems like it's the time to start getting use of the new technologies. Trail cameras are new to me and I consider getting one. Was wondering if it's a really useful thing or another marketing trick to take money from my pocket.
  4. They are a great tool, keeps an eye on things when you are not there! You can set them for certain times of the day or night. just remove the memory card and insert on your computer or if you have a camera for instant viewing. Good luck hunting!
  5. Thanks a lot! So I did a better research and it appears that pretty much all cameras with 8mpx take pretty good pictures. But there is one think that I never thought of. Animals can often smell the camera and sometimes try to bit it or even take off sometimes and it's actually recommended to hang them in a locking box. I thought that I'd have to fabricate my own, but there are ready-made boxes like this one for instance , that can actually save your camera from being stolen. I've also head about thieves who stole all local trail cameras at one of the hunting locations, so I thought it would be smart to secure the box with an additional lock.
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  6. Hello everyone. I go by "Hanshi" and am into guns/hunting/shooting/tinkering. I'll be in Maine late this spring and will settle down there. I hunt exclusively with flintlocks and have been for many years. Don't get around as well as I use to but I still get around some.
  7. Just joining today. Live in Waterboro, have a hunting camp in Dixfield. Will hunt about anything, have 2 bird dogs for October and take November off to go to camp for deer.