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Discussion in 'Welcome Mat and Lounge' started by Canerod, Sep 24, 2005.

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    I just found this forum and thought I'd join. I'm a bamboo rodmaker and hope to finish my Maine Guide's exams next week. I've guided flyfishing since college, in WV,VA,TN,FL,AL,MT, and ID. I love to hunt, strictly traditional archery or blackpowder. I hope to pick up some useful info here and hope I can contribute in some way.

  2. Hi Kevin, it is great to have you. Good luck on the exam next week and make sure to let us know how you do. Always looking for contributors. :D

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    Welcome aboard Kevin,
    You seem to be part of a growing trend amongst hunters in Maine and beyond in that they seem to be retroing to black powder and bow hunting.
    The group I go with for a week at hunting camp, I am now in the minority as far as a rifle user goes. Most all of them use black powder and they shoot deer too.
    Jump in anytime with tip, ideas, questions etc. and good luck on the exam.
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    Thanks guys! I spend most of my computer time with rodmaking sites and trad archery, but I'll check this one often. Looks like a good one.

  5. Kevin, I noticed your quote from "A River Runs Through It." That is one of my all time favorite books. :wink:

    Maybe you could teach us a little thing or two about archery.
  6. Welcome Kevin, and good luck on the exam.
    I've been told that black powder season is a good time to track down a buck in Maine, I may give it a try some time.
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    I'll try to help anyone I can with the archery, but I'm sure there's probably more knowledgable/qualified people out there. My favorite uncle, now gone, gave me a copy of "A River Runs Through It and Other Stories" when I was a little fellow. That and learning to flycast with his Garrison bamboo for eager bluegills really set my course for life.
    Little John, stalking through a fresh snowfall with my flinter definately ranks right up there. If you make it up, give me a yell. A good friend of mine has cabins for rent in The Forks, and plenty of deer running around.

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    Welcome to the site. Good Luck on the test.
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    First post here for me as well... A few of you may know me, but for those who don't, my name is Dan. I live in eastern MA and have been hunting central Maine for 21 years. My father lives in Dexter. DL
  10. Welcom aboard Dan, glad you stopped in.
    I knew as a still hunter you would wonder by sooner or later. It's hard to sit in one stand for any length of time. :wink:
    I hope you enjoy the site, check out the links.