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New Orleans Gun Seizures

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I just read an article about the confiscation of guns in NO. It described a scene that was filmed by FOX News and broadcast, this is what the article described:

"Police entered the residence of an elderly woman, Patricia Konie, demanding exacuation. "I don't want you in here, period," she said, pointing out that her street was dry, she had adequate food and water and if looters came, she had a gun.
When the police asked to see her gun, she showed them a small revolver, which she carefully held in th palm of her hand...Police suddenly body-slammed the elderly woman into her kitchen wall, sending dishes and a trash can flying. Then confiscated the gun and dragged her out of her home."

What would you do if they came to your door?

I know what I would do, and it involves a lot of lead and them getting some body bags.
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I saw that story and was sickened. That is scary stuff. Unfortunately, if they had shown up at my house they wouldn't have known I had any weapons. Not sure what I would have done had they tried to physically remove me from my PERSONAL PROPERTY.
It is definately a scary situation to be in, can't imagine what it was likee for that elderly woman to be thrashed like that.
You know, I will probably get some flack for this statement but ..........

What would happen in this country if a real disaster struck? Let me clarify a moment.

Yes there was a lot of death and destruction from Katrina, Rita and even going back to 9/11 and I would never for one minute disrespect anyones losses from those dreadful events but think for a moment.

We are fortunate in that should an earthquake of say 7.5-8 on the Richter scale hits the US, our advanced engineering etc. limits damage in comparison to let's say Pakistan and India's remoter regions.

Should a quake large enough or a tsunami hit our country big enough to cause the same amount of loss - in human life - how would we as a people handle that?

If NO is an example, you can probably bet that government at all levels will disintegrate and we better be prepared.

A well armed millitia ......hmmmmmm Maybe that's what the founding fathers had in mind?
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