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If you need to replace the tires on your truck or car avoid Michelin. It seems Michelin has joined up with the Humane Society and is raising money for them. The same group that wants to end bear baiting as well as all forms of hunting in America. I saw their ad on TV about this the other night and I have gone to the website and know that it is true. I've sent them a e-mail about this and I'm sure if they bother to respond it will be that they are only trying to help sick and injuried animals. Any response I'll post back here.

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Thanks Moose! Good info! Keep us posted. Funny thing less than a year ago I took the Michelins off my car and replaced them with Goodyear. Glad I did.

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Response I got

Mr. Mcl....:

Thank you for your email and for sharing your opinions regarding the current
Michelin bobblehead promotion. The promotion originated with a television
commercial, which features a dog being reunited with its owner. Based on the
theme of the commercial, we felt it would be appropriate to support an agency
that assists in the rescue of animals. That is why we chose the Red Star
Emergency Services division of the American Humane Association, a group of
volunteers that rescues pets and animals during floods, wildfires, tornadoes and
other disasters.

We have a history of working to support charitable organizations of all types,
such as United Way, Special Olympics, March of Dimes and the American Cancer
Society. On September 12, 2001, Michelin donated $1 million to provide aid to
the families of the victims of 911 in addition to a quarter million dollars in
tires and services to recovery efforts in New York City and Washington, D.C.
Thousands of Michelin employees volunteer across the country in local enrichment
programs such as Meals on Wheels and other vital non-profit services.

The emails, letters and phone calls we have received from sportsmen and
sportswomen like you have helped us understand the reasoning and strong
conviction behind your views. Therefore we will explore a broader range of
viewpoints if we develop similar programs in the future.

Michelin maintains a strong conviction to uphold our commitments. We hope you
understand that we are bound to honor our agreement to support Red Star
Emergency Services which is not meant to express a point of view about hunting,
but to express our support of people and their pets. Our donation is
specifically allocated for vehicles and training for the Red Star Emergency
services teams.


Philip J. Romba
Public Relations Manager
I also noticed that the link from their site to the AHS has been removed. Based on the response I got as compared to some others got early on I think they might have gotten the message.

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To be honest with your Moose, I'm in shock. If you get a response, it is usually a canned blah blah blah. Thanks again! Here's a similar story for you.
On another message board, there was a man telling about going into a mall somewhere in Iowa I believe and went into a bookstore. My memory is failing me here but it was one of the ones that is owned by Borders. He wanted to buy a particular hunting magazine that a buddy had told him about. When he got in the store he noticed they didn't sell any kind of hunting mags so he spoke to a cleck that told him they didn't sell them because they didn't want to "offend" anyone.
I couldn't believe so I got more information and contacted Borders about it and then came the proverbial run around. What angered the guy the most was they sold all kinds of pornography and GI joe shoot em up chop em up stuff.
Any, enlightened to read a response like that.
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