New to Maine, New Member, New Hunter

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  1. Hi guys -

    So I got into hunting thru a friend in Virginia last year and joined his club, went out on a few shotgun deer hunts. Really caught the bug but before the second season started, my wife got a job up here in Maine. Really loving the state so far but need to relearn the local etiquette and good spots - but honestly also looking for a person to pick up mentoring me. I'm late to hunting (38yrs old) but experienced in the outdoors. Own a shotgun, picking up a .306 or .308 soon. Interested in deer, turkey, upland birds, the like. Would love to make some friends, link up with some hunt clubs, learn what I don't know (a lot.) The most I can say about my experience is I can safely handle a gun and keep my mouth shut. Hope that's ok. Looking forward to learning more about this awesome state.
  2. Where are you? I've only been in Maine a little over a year, myself, and belong to a rod & gun club. Georgia was my home for over 62 years. From there we moved to Virginia where we spent 10 years. I haven't found the ideal place to hunt, but a local area seems to be the best bet. I've always hunted and started as a kid; so I'm no stranger to the hunting woods. I'm also a lot older than you and have some physical (not health) problems.

  3. I just moved to Maine from VA also. I lived on Fort Belvoir. I’m trying to learn the area also. I’m near Bangor, where are you located? I would defiantly like to meet up with you if your want to try and tag team some deer or turkey.

  4. I'm in Gardiner which is about 15 minutes below Augusta. Let's see what we can come up with, Rob. [[email protected]]
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