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Hi all,
I know this is a Maine forum but seeing as how I live in NJ.... We finish up our deer hunting season today. Unfortunatly, I'm at work so won't be out. NJ has very liberal season dates and bag limits. I never could figure out why Fish and Game allows an unlimited bag limit for doe in a lot of areas of the state. I didn't make it out as much as I wanted to this year (I never do, confounded work!!). The time I did get out was quality and I did manage to bag (1) fairly nice six pointer (with bow). Next season, I'm hoping to do better. I plan on coming to your Great State for a week of deer hunting. I hope it all works out. Despite what most people who do not live in NJ hear, there are alot of pretty nice deer and many areas to hunt. Like anywhere else, you just have to know your way around. I'm constantly on the lookout for new places to scout and hunt. It drives my wife crazy. At her Christams party for work this year, I met one of her co-workers who's mother owns a large chunk of land in southern NJ in prime deer country. Needless to say, I went into networking mode....and weasled my way onto the property. I'll be scouting that piece sometime in the spring. Like I tell my wife, hunting is a year'round hobby. If I'm not hunting, I'm scouting, at the range, making stands, tweeking equipment or just plain thinkin' about it. She calls it a sickness :shock: . I don't know, she may be right. :D See ya 'round, Ambush
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I guess if you had to choose a sickness then that isn't too bad... :wink:

Where do you plan on hunting up here in Maine? Have you gotten that squared away yet?
I haven't talked to my friend about it yet. I'll let you know when I find out. That way, you can let me know what you think my chances are.....and be honest! His sister lives in Maine, he did mention to me where she lived, but I can't remember. I'll see him soon and find out. I do know we will be coming up this summer for a quick look around and try to scout as much as we can before the season starts. Anywhere is good for me, I'm tired of looking at trees in NJ (30+ years).
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