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These are places and date where and when we are filming. We are not a booking agent and do not make money off these guides, just passing along some places we went and found to be worth the money. So many places these days are a scam, these are places Nate and I would say we approve and would recomend. We would love to see some forums dudes go with us.

Here are some of the outfitters and dates we are hunting with the year.
Come share a camp with us. These outfitters we have hunted with and have a proven track record.

Give me a call 207-527-2114 or e-mail me here on the site.

June- Spring Black Bear in NB Canada. 98% success. $1000

July- Hog hunt in SC at the Buck and Boar. 3 days- $450 (reg $850)

August- SC Deer hunts- 4 days $900. may shoot 1 bucka day, no age limit for youth.

September- Maine Black Bear at Sebec Lake Lodge $900


- SC Deer hunts - 1000 for 5 days - 2 bucks- 1 doe
- Onterio (Oct/Nov) trophy bucks- 5 days $1,500 (85-95% success)

SK Canada - 6 days $3,500
North Texas (OK border) big body, big rack bucks - 4 days - 1800
Best Hunt I went on last year.

S. Texas bucks- the deer are smaller but outfitter is 100% on 120 class bucks. You may also shoot havilina, and Rio Turkeys. $1850.


SC Hog hunt- 850

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We would love to see some forums dudes go with us.
Hey that is a great opportunity. I see you guys get a lot of hunts down in SC... Have you or do you plan any hunts in Alaska?
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