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  1. Well I'm done at the Guides Blog, I can't get it to post with any consistancy. I figure I'll quit before spring gets here and I really embarras myself.
  2. Hey MadJack, I went in and edited your posts at the blog.

    Here is the deal. Anybody who hates the blogging just email the text and photos to me and I will add them under your name so it appears as if you are posting them. :wink:

  3. That sounds a lot easier, but won't that take up a lot of your time? The last thing I want is to be a P.I.T.A.
  4. Nah, it's my job... :wink:

    Just don't send me more than one thing to post per day... :D

    Plus I am so used to the script it will only take me 2 seconds..
  5. kenton6

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    PITA isn't that something that goes under your bed? Oh wait! That's PITA Pan
  6. Jeesh, these old guys need everything explained! <grin>

    What's the deal with this "wintering in Florida" thing? We've got better weather in Maine than FLA has!
    Saturday should be a bit under O but then back to MUD season. Tom, we're having a great winter up here.
  7. MadJack, I enlarged those pictures over at the blog.

    Also, go check out Mark's last submission at the blog. A guy who went on a hunt wrote about his experience and posted some pictures as well.

    That is a great example of getting clients to write success stories. :D
  8. kenton6

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    Geez Jack, I've gotten really soft. Can't take it when the temps get below 60 ya know.
  9. Well Tom, you can help us out this summer when we're prospecting underwater in 38 degree water! We do wear wetsuits but we haven't got the suit heater working yet!
    In case Steve hasn't told you yet, January was mostly above 60! grin