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Nov. 2nd.

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Someone fill me in on what all this vote is about as far as bear hunting in Maine and how does it look to come out?
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The vote is to ban the way bears are hunted in Maine. It will not ban bear hunting, yet, but would a first step toward that end many believe. Hunting bear by use of dogs and/or baiting bear are the two bigger issues. The Maine Department of Fish and Wildlife uses these methods of bear hunting as a means of protecting and maintaining a healthy bear population. Part of the fear is that if this vote passes it will greatly reduce the number of people hunting bear in Maine which is also a great assest economically to an already depressed state.
IMO the referendum will fail but those fighting the Humane Society of America's efforts has spent millions of dollars - millions that could have been used more productively.
I probably have left out many important issues in this debate but this is the short of it.
Thanks Tom, I have clients booked for the 05 season about an hour and a half from Bangor and these hunts as well as all bear hunts and Maine's economic health hang on the outcome of this vote. Without the option of baiting or dogs bear hunting will decline tremendously, especially from non-residents.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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