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Oil Company Generousity????

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I would like to see the blood sucking, filthy rich oil companies in this country who continue to suck every penny out of us through lying, cheating and stealing, make a contribution to the Katrina hurricane disaster relief.
How about freezing oil prices for a few months so people all over the US will feel more able to give to the effort.
They won't! Never do! Their day will come.
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Yep, their day WILL come. Not sure how... :lol:

It is a National Emergency and people are going insane lost in the streets of New Orleans. The Military has stepped in for aid (read more here) and what do the oil companies do? Raise the price. Quite helpful.
Kenton6 is a meany :lol: :lol:

I don't think you could offend him... Oil prices are rediculous..

Have you seen this picture yet taken yesterday in the news?

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I believe we are headed for our 2nd recession...

It is difficult to sustain 2 reccessions in a row without falling into a depression. But, there is a first time for everything...
Katie Couric should be slapped! :roll:
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