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Oil Company Generousity????

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I would like to see the blood sucking, filthy rich oil companies in this country who continue to suck every penny out of us through lying, cheating and stealing, make a contribution to the Katrina hurricane disaster relief.
How about freezing oil prices for a few months so people all over the US will feel more able to give to the effort.
They won't! Never do! Their day will come.
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As angry as we all are about the oil prices, we must remember that this is capitalism at work. Basic supply and demand: The storm all but stopped production from our offshore rigs and caused the largest oil reception port in the nation to be shut down for over a week, All the while demand remained at the same level if not higher with all of the recsue woork being done.
I apologize if i offended you with my post, it was not my intent to. I misunderstood what you were refering to. I thought this was just set up to complain about oil prices. Which for once have been raised with a legitamate reason. My mistake. :D
No, i had not seen that picture. Now that is crazy. :shock:
I definately agree that if the price keeps climbing, demand will be reduced and the price be forced to fall. Fluctuations in prices have been seen throughout the past 50 years. Although they may go outrageously high, they must come down eventually.
It also doesn't help that the news insists that economy isn't doing all that well when in fact it is moving along fine, especially when you consider that we just went into recession only 4 years ago. We have comletely recovered in less than four years, not bad. Even if Katie Couric tells you otherwise. :D
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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