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One days bear hunt.......

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I am a bit upset.. I went out the other night and sat at a stand.. brought botha rifle and camera. I figured if I chicken out I can at least get some good filming.. Well, after sitting in the stand, just itching to leave becuase I have zero patience, I hear something crashing around. So of course, hearing these horrid bear stories and being all alone, I sat still... fainlly he came into site and I thought "Yepp, I am goign to drop this thing!" I could feel my heart pounding in my ears, and the heat of nervousness or fear or maybe even adrenaline running up my spine, then I started to shake a little becuase this would have been my first actual intentional kill on a four legged creature! Well, I close one eye adn get ready to squeeze the trigger and with that last big gulp before pulling, I decided I couldn't do it.. This bear I guestimate was a good 190-200 pounds.. I am pretty good with my weight guesses..

Of course I swore and kick my self in the butt a few times- but, figured, "hey, I still have the camera!". Get the camera up, gun still resting on the arm of the stand, click over the safety... raise up the camera, get it ready to go, "click" it goes on, and NOTHING! Dead battery!

So over all, I ended up with nothing in the end, but I did have a nice experience.. It was nice to ust sit back and see this critter in its habitat eating and watching for things and all.. It was peaceful... glad I got to experience that..

Now if I were a hard core hunter, I would not be taking this so lightly, but Im not.. hopefully I at least get a chance to go film, even after season...
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Dead battery gets you every time.
what you did is acceptible to me. You keep that camera handy, of course with a fresh supply of batteries, and when you get some pics, I hope you share them with us.
Thank you!! Glad someone can accept that, I have been getting a lot of greif over not shooting this animal.. it was a rush just the same.. I carry batteries for my digital camera- however, I was using my video camera to video it. The digital makes too much noise... guess anything would have been better than nothing.. too bad, but I have the memories at least!
Moosetowner, YOU ARE A HARDCORE HUNTER! Don't let anyone tell you different. You sat on stand, stayed on stand and saw an animal you set out to see.
Even though you didn't pull the trigger on the rifle, you did so with the camera.
When I used to sell guns, I would have women come in and say just what you said..."I'm not sure I could go through with it". I told them to take a camera with them the first few hunts and get some photo's first, then if you feel you want to take to the next step, you could.

Don't let anyone give you grief over it. If they do, ask them what they saw today? Oh, nothing? Did you screw up your hunt or just NOT GO OUT?

You did well! Now go get us some pictures. *grin*
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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