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Opening Day

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A local had his bull at the store before 7:40 this morning. I don't know if he had it weighed. It isn't huge but it's a really good looking moose.
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Great! I hope we get some pictures. We all love pictures!
Cool! We need pics :mrgreen:
Check out Maine Nature News later in the day Tuesday. A little bird told me there's going to be a great pick of a live bull. Google will bring up the url.

There was a young moose wandering my farm late this morning. And another bull on a trailer passed me on my way home late this afternoon.
My father had some hunters. They had WMD 3 for a bull.

They had their moose at 7:30 Monday morning. It was just a few pounds shy of eight hundred but had a real nice rack on it.

I never got up to take pictures, but I sure hope they got some for me to see and share!!

The only moose I've seen since Danny's have been on trailers going in the opposite direction. No pics yet.
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