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Oregon Might Need Some Help

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Over the past two days I have spent hours researching and gathering information about Oregon dilemmas about cougar hunting. You can find the stories at the Black Bear Blog. I new story will go up tomorrow morning.

There problems really aren't with cougar hunting, it's the same issues Maine had two years ago with the attacks on bear hunting.

In Oregon, the anti were successful in shutting down cougar hunting with dogs. Now they are trying to shut it down completely gearing up for next spring when they attempt to shut down bear hunting. Oh yeah, when they shut down cougar hunting with dogs, they were successful in shutting down hunting bear with dogs too.

I've tried to help them out with some stories to help get the word out. If I find there is anything we all can do to help in their fight, I'll let you know.

If you wanted to go to the Black Bear Blog and read the story and leave a comment showing support, that might help those who read it to know there are others who care and can relate.
here's the link
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