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Outfitters for coyote

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I am almost 60 years old and have hunted several different animals in my life but never coyote. I am interested in booking a Winter hunt with a northern Maine outfitter. I do not have the time or inclination to do my own baiting. I cannot decide who I should go with. Does anyone have any ideas on good northern Maine (preferably Aroostok) outfitters for coyote ?

Any other ideas concerning coyote hunting would be appreciated. Best time of year to go ? Best time of day ?


Brunswick , Maine
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I see nobody has answered your post. Personally I am not sure who does that. You should check out the following link and shoot him an email. If he doesn't do it he can probably point you in the right direction:

Thank you for your answer. Since I posted the question I have found a couple of outfitters in northern Maine that book coyote hunts. I will go with them if references are ok. I am still looking for any info. I can get concerning Maine coyote outfitters or any coyote hunting tips.

Brunswick, Maine
Bill, maybe somebody can offer up some tips before you head out. I hope you have a good time and are successful. Keep us posted on your trip and let us know how things go.
What kind of questions you got? If you haven't decided on going to the county already I can hook you up with a guide or you can sit on my bait sites. I usually have 2 sites going all winter. I went over 20 times last year but have a new baby at home so I wont be going as much this winter.

Thank you for your reply.I am sorry it took so long to get back to you.
Thanks for your offer to hunt your bait sites but I was looking for an outfitter in Aroostook. I love Aroostook county and half the fun for me is staying at a lodge and talking with the other hunters. I did find who I will be going with but not until 2008 now. I have booked another hunt for 2007 and one per year is all my budget can handle.
What part of the state are your baits in? Do you have much luck?

Give steve Anderson a call in Patten,Maine. He can get you one over bait or with a call. 207-528-2975 is his home number.
Coyote Outfitters

Thanks for the info. John.

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