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Any Outfitters who would be interested in signing up with us to book hunts please contact me. We need outfitters in Maine for our agency. References required.
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I know a couple of guides that do bear hunts. One is married to my sisters, husband's sister! Huh? I'll get you a name and a phone number.
Thanks Tom, just email any you have to me and I will contact them.
One guide that I will send you is good friends of my sister's husband. He is in the process of building a web site and getting going. I guess he was so busy this past fall with moose and bear trips that he hasn't taken the time to do this. Winter coming so I'm sure he will have ample time now! Temps down into the single numbers last night.

"Eastern Ridge Adventures" / Joshua Rhodes, (Main Blackbear Outfitters)
Anyone know good/bad about them?
Hey Jim, I haven't heard anything but I have asked kenton6. He could very well know more about them.
Still looking but I'll find out! One way or another!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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