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If this ain't funny I don't know what is :lol:

It was so cool," she said. "It was my first bull, and I wanted to bring it home whole to show my daughter. You wouldn't believe how many people took pictures. So many people were smiling, and others were flipping us off, too."
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Gawd, I love Montana! I've seen a muley strapped to a '69 VW Beetle rolling through West Glacier. Just can't get the wife to move west.

Funny but a good bull to boot.
The question is.....what kind of car is it?
I think if you listen real closely, you'll here the hmmmmmm of a Mazda?
We have a winner! Old 323, my sister had one of those go-karts with windows.

Kevin Little
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I recalled the advertisement on TV a few years back about "Piston engines go, ping ping ping, but the Mazda goes hmmmmmmm"
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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