PH's and their stand on ethical deer hunting

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  1. Is it unethical to shoot spike-horns? I watch the hunting shows and watch these guys sit in their stands watching bucks walk by their stands all day long and listen to them preaching about its only ethical to shoot mature bucks. I've shot several does along with some nice bucks in the Hermon/Carmel area where I grew up, but spent the past three seasons in the Big Woods of Aroostook county and the first two seasons I never got to fire a shot. Finally I got my first Big Woods buck this year on Thanksgiving day which was a spikehorn weighing 132lbs and had 12 inch spikes. Are we supposed to wait for the big boys or can we put some venison in the freezer? The law book says the horns have to be 3 inches or longer...
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    I don't see a problem with shooting a spike. Here where I'm at we get 6 tags a year and seeing deer is usally not a problem so it's easier for me to pass on a spike then it is for someone in the situation your in. It's a legal deer and in my book you should feel proud you got one. I hunted many seasons in Aroostook county and never seen a deer. Congrads on the great harvest.

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    It's personal preference but there is nothing unethical about putting meat in the freezer - within the laws of the land.
    Baiting, poaching and all other illegal means of hunting is unethical.
    I agree with moose. When there are plenty of deer, passing up is ok but many hunters prefer the smaller deer for eating.
  4. I don't see a problem with it. If there was a big enough issue the laws would say at least 6 inches not 3 for instance.

    I know people will pass up a small buck to let it mature but I am not convinced that's the true reason. Smaller the buck the less manly the hunter is... :wink:
  5. I have passed on a few spike bucks in hopes for something bigger.
    Some times it payed off, and others it didn't.
    There have also been times when I just took the first legal buck that crossed my path, like this young Maine buck.
  6. Remember the hunting shows are mostly done where the deer have food plots or crop fields.
    Take what you want within the law and feel good about it. 90% of Maine hunters never get thier buck!

    Lil John, that sure looks like South Branch!

  7. Good catch MadJack, that is where that pic was taken. The deer on the other hand came from a good distance away.
    Are you from the area of the South Branch?
  8. I have guided at South Branch Camps since 1989 when Steve owned it. In '05 I went my own way and now guide south of Augusta for fishing and hunting.
    I have hung many a bear and one moose from that meat-pole. I have fixed the hinges on the shed in the background and spent many hours leaning on my boat, right where your deer hung.

    Ah, the stories I could tell!
  9. I only stayed at that camp for one season, I didn't like to drive fifty miles one way to my favorite hunting grounds.
    Was a group of fellas there from Boston the week I was there, they invited me down to thier camp for a game of cards and a drink one eve.
    After dinner and a hot shower, I showed up with an 18 pack and a brand new bottle of crown royal. After a few hours of poisoning our livers, I retired to my cabin, leaving behind an empty case and a dry bottle. 8)
    As usual I was the first to arrive at the breakfast table in the morning, followed closely by my hunting patner.
    As we sat there waiting for our morning grub, the bad boys from Boston filed in one by one, looking a little green at the gills.
    The last one to come in was a fella who went by "M.A.D.". As he sat in his chair still dressed in the clothes he wore tha day before, he said to my partner, " Do me a favor, (pointed a finger at me) Keep him out of my cabin. That S.O.B can drink wiskey like it's a health shake."
    I think he'll think twice before inviting a red neck country boy over for a few drinks. :D
    I think I was the only hunter in camp to take a deer that week.