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Please Pray for us

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Were in it again it seems and this time it is looking worse for us possibly. Say many prayers for us as we could be in harms way again of yet another major hurricane. We are very, very close (and on the worse side to boot (NE) ) to the projected possible impact of Katina. They still are not sure exactly where it is going to impact land and just a few miles one way or another can be very important, so say prayers for me and my family and all who will be in harms way. For our own selfish reasons we need this storm to keep on trucking west some more and go in a decent ways west of New Orleans or to turn right away and go in east of us a ways. Right now it is projected to go in just a few miles to the west of us and that is going to be very, very, very bad. The NWS is forcasting a chance for Katrina to strengthen to a possible Cat 5 right before landfall and a hurricane that is strengthening is the most dangerous and the most damaging. This little town I live in got hit dead on by Camille, they don't need another disaster like that in their lifetime. So pray for all who will be effective and say an extra one for my family and me and our home and properties. There is power in prayer so with ya'll praying for us ernestly, I am expecting God to get us through this without injury or damage. Thanks Ya'll, God Bless.
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Hey I'll speak a prayer for you when next I'm on my knees.

Tell me...are you in a low area, or are you on higher ground? If you're low, give some serious thought to evacuating. I'm over here in Jacksonville and we took a drubbing last year ourselves. Flooding was about the worst I think, although having big trees standing close by the house was sure worrisome as well. The one that DID go down went down into my neighbor's swimming pool.

Hang in there and say a prayer or two yourself.

We will be saying a lot of prayers and thinking of you and your family Jim. Living in this area during hurricane season becomes "one man's wish is another's problem."
We were glad it stayed south of us but that of course meant others were in harms way - the same as you have said.
Don't do anything stupid and we will pray hard.
You've already had your share Tom that's for sure. It is tough to pray that a storm will turn away from you only to head at someone else. We don't ride any storms out, we evacuate. I have had rooms reserved in 3 different states (Baton Rouge LA. Tallahassee and AL.) waiting to see where Katrina is going. We decided we are heading to Daleville AL. sometime tomorrow. I just want a home to come back to. Thanks Ya'll for the prayers. I know prayers work. God Bless.
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