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Poison Oak !!!

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While checking on my trail cam last week, I came in contact with some poison oak.
I should have known better, but I went out wearing shorts in the summer heat instead of doing what I knew I should have done and put on some jeans. Now I'm paying for it with a nasty rash on my lower legs, what an irritation.
I've gone through a half a bottle of calamine lotion and it aint gettin any better, I think I will get me a big box of salt and soak my legs in it latter today.
Man! I hate that stuff!!
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Oh man... Sorry to hear that. Personally, I have never encountered that stuff and hopefully never have to. Nasty stuff. Hope it starts to go away soon.
Time for the old "one time when I had it" remedies!!
I have never had poison oak BUT I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once.

I had a really bad case of Poison Ivy once - I mean bad. As far as calamine lotions go, I thought the best was a product called Iverest.

Now, the old Indian recipe: Find some sweet fern - trusting you know what it is - and gather enough of it to put into a pot with some water and boil it into a tea. Drain off the tea - store the remainder in a closed container in the fridge - and using a cotton ball every 2-4 hours swab some sweet fern tea onto the exposed areas. It helps to draw the poison and dry the sore.

If it gets into your blood and travels to parts of the body that we shouldn't talk about on this forum, go see an idiot doctor!
Fortunately for me very little of that stuff (ivy, oak, sumac, etc.) affects me. I'm profoundly grateful too!
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