Post and Crosshair Reticle

Discussion in 'Shooting' started by stweedie, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. I have received several requests for bringing back the old Post and Crosshair reticle and incorporating them in some of Maine Vue Optics lower powered riflescopes. Anyone have any feedback on this?
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    I'm afraid I can't offer any because I have never used them. As a matter of fact, I never used a scope on any rifle until about 5 or 6 years after the implementation of "bucks only". I've owned one rifle with a scope since.
    But I do know that some people prefer them.

  3. what does a post and crosshair reticle look like?
  4. The best way that I can describe it is as a heavy verticle line (post) that extends up to the halfway point in the scope with a triangle tip on top of the post. Then there is a fine horizontal line that extend the width of the scope just below the tip of the post. It's an older style crosshair that was very popular back in the day.
  5. Steven, I'm not sure how many folks like the low powered scopes. I used to reccomend them a lot when I was selling sporting goods.

    I have an old Weaver 1.5X4 and a Weaver 4X and still shoot with them. The glass fogs (outside) and they don't transmit a lot of light but I love the post & crosshair!

    The 'point' of the triangle is for short yardage, the crosshair allows for a bit farther.
  6. They'll be available in the fall. I am just finishing up the final design Jack. I'll have them in the 2.5x20mm compact scope, the 2-7x32mm, and maybe a couple more. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to manufacture more straight 4x's at this time but I'll have a bunch of post and crosshairs when I am. Jack do you by any chance know the measurement from the tip of the post to the crosshair? Is it 1 mil?
  7. Is there a way to measure it? Probably is about 1mm, maybe 1.5mm.

    Personally, I like a 1.5 X 5 X 20 and a 2 X 7 X 40

    They seem to be brighter.
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    I like the post and x-hair reticle. The ones I've seen and used were about 1 mil on the spacing. The best thing about it is you can take your time and get a "fine" sight picture, or just throw it up for a quick shot and use the post alone. I'd go for a 1.5-5x32 or thereabouts, myself. If the average shot can't hit a deer with 5x, they probably can't hit it with any magnification.
  9. I would love to get my hands on a 1.5 to 2.5 scope again. But can You get it wider in a 40mm scope,32mm is too small.
  10. I'd like a post and crosshair 1.5 to 4 or 5 power variable compact scope, or better yet a fixed 2.5 power. My first scope was a weaver K2.5 and I loved that scope..til I ruined it. Most of my hunting is in the thick stuff and I've been using a peep sight for the last 5 years. I think I'd like to go back to a scope, primarily for the light gathering advantage it has during the early morning and late evening hours.