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Post Awesome Deer Photos Right Here

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Ok it is time to get pumped for deer season. Find as many deer photos as you can and post them here.

I got this one off of baitmasters site

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Check out this nice looking buck leaping over the fence. If that doesn't make your hair stand on end then nothing will.

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Jack nice pics. I'll see if I can find some more. That first picture is interesting. Why does it look like that?
First one? I didn'[t think that one was odd but the second one is what they call a cactus buck. I think they said it was something about testosterone overload or sometthing.

All three came from Bobow's buck of the day on the Mossy oak forum. (borrowed, so I had to give credit)
Testosterone overload makes sense.

Edited to add: Yea I meant the second one. I missed the first picture you posted sorry.
Check out the rack on this guy... :shock:

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lasts years buck

Here's the one I got last year. :wink:

Okay, got to figure out how to upload pics
try this again

222 pounds, tracked him to his bed. He jumped out of bed but didn't get too far.
Hey nice looking buck. Oh and welcome to the forums! :D

You can upload pictures to this gallery if you need to:

Then you can use the image tags to have the image appear in the forums. The only thing is you have to register again over there.
Smasher, I live next door, kind of. Welcome to the forums!
nice buck Smasher! Pant, pant,
Welcome to the forums.
Thanks, :D
Been reading the forums and just decided to join.

Can't wait for November. Thinking of getting sleeping pills so I can sleep at night. :shock:

Planning a trip back up to Ontario this year again. Had a good time last year. Big bucks!!!
smasher AKA deer big

If I would of known it was going to be that big:confused: I would of circled and cut you off and took that track any way nice job I'll have to try to out do ya this year
I'm surprised you didn't cut me off there shooterme. You've been known to do that before.:oops: lol

I've :pray3: seen you be a deer pig before. After last season the deer better :runforhills: from you.

Only a few more weeks they better be scared.:chug:
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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