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  1. Having a church auction saturday nite, wondering about the backlash about dontating 2 100 round packs of 22 ammo? Would make sure the auctoneier stated you have to be of age to buy. No one would have a issue at the church.

  2. I hate to be a pessimist but that's how things usually work out.

    Personally, I think it's a good idea. BUT there will be a few or a group dead set against the idea of having bullets in the church, hall or wherever. They will stupidly claim it's dangerous!!!!!

    The opposition wil be one of the older members, who believes the more donation you make to the church; the more say you have in it's operation. There will be no reasoning with this person on the matter.

    Break down:
    70% in favor of the auction of ammo.
    5% completely against the idea and vocal.
    20% against the idea but will remain silent until in the company of the 5% and then voice an opinion against the idea (but not in public) AKA shadow haters.
    Then in the coffee shop a couple of days later almost half of the in favor 70% will cow to the vocal ANTI-GUN 5%...some will eventually publically agree with the 5%.
    Leaving only 35-40% of the congregation in favor of the idea.

    There are not a lot of pro-gun churches around...they tend to get raided by ATF/FBI and the rest of the alphabet soup agencies.
  3. Well its ok to auction/ raffle a rifle, but they had second thoughts about 22 ammo!! This world is going down the tubes faster then a snowball bound for hell!Also the auctioneir is a firearms dealer!!!
  4. See above: as stated in my original post. I'm an FFL dealer too!!!!!!!!

    We must come from different backgrounds.
    The post was only stating my opinion and observations of places I have lived and traveled CONUS.

    I would love to find a neighborhood, town, state and country that is totally Pro Gun Utopia but I haven't yet.
    Obviously, I have never lived in the right places.

    I certainly didn't mean to offend you or anyone else with my comment. I'll drop the subject.
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  5. Oh i didn't say you offened me, takes way lots more then anything i read on here! i was offened by them not taking them!
  6. If you find this place please let me know and I'll report the same.