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Radio Collared Bears

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Dummie me! I deleted the link to this story but anyway. I was reading today about how Pennsylvania is radio collaring their bears from the time they are very young and tracking them - not usually.

What struck me in the article was one of the main reasons they gave for doing it. To track the bears to see how close they are getting to the populated areas so they can alert people and then fish and game personnel can go trap them and move them someplace else.

Say, What?!?! :frusty:

And this is what license fees and tax dollars are going for? So some city slicker dude don't get scared by da big bears? Excuse my while I go hurl somewhere.
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:oops: :puke:


I didn't see that article, but that's kind of humorous. PA has alot of problems with nuisance bears. Most are trapped and then ear tagged. The PGC then relocates them to more remote areas, which, by the way, are few and far between here in PA. Many of these bears that are relocated 30 -40 miles find there way back to where they were originally trapped, as if they have built in GPS.

There is a big problem in the Poconos region because of so much development around all of the prime habitat. Many people there also feed the bears which compounds the problem.

On a positive hunting note, we do have some HUGE bears here. Our population is somewhere around 20,000. On average, about 2,500 to 3,000 are harvested each year. This year there were 4,176 taken.

Feel free to ask any questions about PA. I will try my best to answer them.
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HeyBB200: You come up and hunt here this year and then you set me up in 2007 for bear with my


I can show you alot of areas in PA that are good for bear. Are you really sure you want to use the bow? I've only heard of one bow bear here being taken...I'm sure there are a few more. 99% of all guys use rifles. Even though we have had decent success, the odds of getting one are about 2-3%. I can show you areas, but there are other guys there also. I can't guarantee you a bear, but I can put you in an area in which at least one will be harvested within a mile of you. hopefully it would be you if you come down!
Speaking of relocation. When I lived in the Bangor area we use to relocate ***** only to have a customer call within a week to catch some more that were problems. I, being me, got a bright idea and painted a **** orange. 3 days later we caught the **** again at the same residence. This **** was released 30 miles from the place of its captured. No more **** or skunk relocation for me.
:bana: :bana:
I hate to steer a thread but just for a second. I read where a woman in Florida was being charged by an animal rights group because she painted her little foo foo red white and blue.

That in itself is whacked but what get's me is why don't these same groups do something about some of the hairdos worn by humans? The paint is harmful to the dog but not the human? HUH?
Hey BB200.......PA sound like my kind of place........probably make the front page taking a bear with my "Bear" Whitetail bow. Tell me more...PM with details.
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