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Recommendations on Taxidermists?

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Hey I was wondering if anybody knew a reputable taxidermist with reasonable prices here in Maine. Where do you take yours to be done?

When I get my bear I want to know who I can take it to.
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There is a guy in West Enfield who does a great job and is reasonable. I don't remember his name though.
Thanks Jack. I am sure there are several around that do a fine job. If you know of any that are not reasonable make sure to let me know. :wink:

Gene Bahr in Sebago is a top-notch artist. You've probably heard of him. Gray's Sporting Journal did a story on him before. He does taxidermy and wood carvings of fish. Gene's a true artist; he mounted my 11 pointer 2 years ago. I have had several good mounts done by other taxidermists but Gene's work tops them all. I'm still in awe of his workmanship.

He's not he cheapest but you'll have a trophy of a lifetime that's museum quality. Check out his

Hey Brian, I think I saw him on TV once. Didn't Bill Green do something up on him a while back?

Thanks for the link, now that you got my attention I'll go check it out.
He may have done a story on him. If you're down in the Sebago area, I'd call Gene and ask him if you can stop by and check out his work. He has a display room (more like a museum!) in front of his work studio with some of his work. That way, you can see his work for yourself. He doesn't mind visitors/potential clients, he's stated, as long as they call ahead before stopping by.

I recently saw some of Gene's carved fish for sale in an art gallery in No. Conway, NH. When I first saw his carved fish creations in his studio, i did not know they were wood until he told me! The detail was amazing!

Any future trophys I take will be brought to Gene.
Anybody know someone that can do a nice bear cape or rug reasonably? I just want the hide done up for the wall at camp.
Yea I think a nice bear rug would be cool. My wife would throw it outside though... :lol:

It would look nice in my imaginary camp that's for sure!
You definitely married yourself into an interesting situation Steve! :roll:
Trust me, I am not the only one who has a wife that would toss out a bear rug. There are fewer wives who would keep one laying around than those who wouldn't... unfortunately...
He speaks from experience actually. When Steven was a little shaver, our next door neighbor gave him a small bear rug. I came home from work one day and it was gone. Need you ask who, what, when, where or how?
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