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  1. Ok, can someone please help me? My son just recieved a recurve from my business partner and I need to know if there is a formla for finding string length? The bow is a 52 incher, and it pulls 45 lbs. I am just a dumb bowhunter who uses training wheels(compound). Thanks.
    John Porter
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  2. I found out online what size to use. You take the length of the bow and minus 3.5 inches. Just wanted you archers to know this tidbit of info.

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    Different people shoot traditional archery gear for different reasons. For me, it's because I just have a stick and a string, without a bunch of gadgets to go bad or get out of adjustment. If I make a good shot, it's because I did it. The same for a miss. My fault and not a result of equipment. But then, I hunt the regular rifle season with a flintlock and birdhunt with a muzzleloader. It's just a preference.
  4. Long bows at 150 or Hoyt at 315? .........mmmmmmmI'll take the 315.....but you can hunt grizzlies with a twenty-two if you want to.
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    If you're drawing over 26" and only getting 150, you're doing something wrong. My longbows range from 175-190fps, depending on the bow draw weight and the arrow weight. Most recurves will do better than that, with everything being equal. Plus, how loud is that Hoyt at 315? Speed does no good if the deer jumps the string. Last, what arrow weight? 5gr/lb at 30" is what's quoted for IBO speed ratings, but is way light for hunting, IMO. To make a fair comparison, fletch up an arrow at 9-11gr/lb and shoot it through a chronograph. You'd probably be shocked at the speed, or lack thereof. If we all liked the same things, they'd only make one model of bow, one of rifle, etc. Shooting instinctive takes more practice and does limit my range, compared to a compound with sights, but I'm not looking for the easiest way to kill a deer.

    As for hunting grizz's with a .22, I'm not interested :rolleyes:
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    Why even hunt at all ? you can get meat at the grocery store :rolleyes: , i guess some like to do things different ..... I hunt with a compound bow but wont bust anyones chops about using a long bow or recurve, its just there bag of tea and nothing wrong with it ;)
  7. Chill dude....... just a taunt.... nothing serious.

    Besides hunting grizzlies with a 22 would be much more "sporting" than with a 416 Rigby.
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    LOL just taunting back at ya :D
  9. I know..... good to have you on board......

    Keep watching this guys posts...... Rennat knows his stuff and is a Pa transplant with a County heart.

    Guarantee its going to get interesting around here !!!!!

    By the way ...... is John Porter still posting here?