Relic hunting?

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  1. I know this is a hunting forum but does anyone else go relic hunting during the off season?

    I'm always finding cool stuff in the woods while scouting and normally return after deer season and throughout the spring/summer.

    I can't be the only one?
  2. Found a door to a Canadian Airline once...

  3. That is just a scary though thinking about how much I fly between here and the West Coast...
  4. Old cars and trucks in the woods with trees growing up through them often have trim parts that I have sold on ebay for stupid money.
    My gold partner and I have also tracked down old logging camps up north and found hand forged meat hooks, piles of peavey cups, and tons of iron skids from logging.
    Oddest thing I ever found is a blown-glass piece on my property here in Litchfield. If I feel tech-y later I'll post a photo of it.
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  5. Used to do much the same Jack when I was back up in the county......not many places down here for that. Used to dig around old farmhouse foundations for old bottles and what have you too. Made some stupid money selling off yesteryear rash for treasure in the now!
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  6. Ive found old cellar holes and farm walls way out in the puckah-brush scouting. I GPS'd some last season and think Ill be going to them on Sundays with my new metal detector.

    I may have to take a trip up North to check out these old logging camps, sounds interesting.
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  7. Tims


    Disposed glass bottles, late 1800s, early 1900, at homestead ruin, there was an old grave site nearby with head stones. Found these while hunting. Nothing was removed being a Federal property.
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  8. I don't really hunt for stuff but have found old bottles with cork stoppers, an iron grapeshot ball, old vehicles but nothing of particular interest.