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Remington Model 31

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I just acquired a Remington Model 31 from the 40's I believe. Its a 16 gauge pump but I cannot find any info anywhere that tells me what size shells I can shoot. Its the plain old model 31. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Duane
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I'll bet Ithaca37 can help you with this. He'll be around before too long.
The model 31 was available from 1931-1949 and was chambered for 12, 16, and 20 gauge.
12ga serial numbers range from 0,000 – 121,000.
16 & 20 ga. serial number are 500,000 – 575,000.

If you are still unsure about the chambering here are the bore diameters and their corresponding gauges:

12ga: .73in or 18.5mm
16ga: .66in or 16.8mm
20ga: .615 or 15.6mm

The choke will may result in a slightly small bore diameter than those posted, but you should be able to tell because the value will be very close, so just get out a ruler or tape measure and try it out.
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Thanks for the info, I actually know all that. What I am looking for, and maybe I missed it in your post, is what size shells can I shoot? Im sure 2 1/2, but 3", etc. Id just feel better knowing what is the max I can shoot in it. Thanks, Duane
Oh, sorry I misread your post, I thought that you meant you didn't know if it was chambered for 16ga. My bad. As far as chamber dimensions go, I would guess it is probably 2-3/4. I think the 3in chambers are a newer thing, but I am not too sure. Sorry.
No prob and I completely appreciate the willingness to help. Duane
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