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  1. Why does the state allow the season to run 3 months. There is no need of shooting them in Dec. When I was younger I did shoot some in Dec. and I'm not to proud of it. Its just way to easy. Go out before dark and you could get a limit pretty easily budding in trees. I dont think a lot of people hunt them in Nov. and Dec. but I know some people that do and get there limits every time. Its just hurting the population. I know around here last year there wasn,t many and I exspect the same every else. If I had a say in the law I would end it around Nov 15. Anybody else feel this way? I live in prime time bird country and I think its going to be few years before we see the number of birds we are use to.
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    You may be right shooter. I'm not a biologist, but what I've read and heard, grouse are so easily influenced by spring weather. The lifespan of grouse isn't long and when the spring brooding season is a cold and wet one like last year, there just aren't any partridge around.

    I think they, meaning MDIF&W, try to walk a balancing act between second guessing what the grouse population will be and keeping hunters happy.

    But you're right. I don't know anyone for that matter who grouse hunts in Dec.

  3. We're loaded with birds here, I still jump 10 to 20 per day on my land.
    I hear the "no birds" thing a lot but I have never had trouble finding them. I really should hunt them more and take my limit because they scare the %@*# out of me!
    I almost never see them in trees until after legal shooting. Must be a regional thing.
    How's the rabbit population over your way in recent years?
  4. Have no fear AB is here!!!!!

    I hunt birds from Oct. to Dec. and then continue on into March with the rabbits.

    As Kenton observed our wet spring was detrimental to bird populations in the North Woods.

    I also agree with him that IF&W doesn't always base seasons and limits on the science as much as the "PR".

    That's why I proposed the "ridiculous" idea of stocking.