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Ruger's Hand Cannon

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New this year, Ruger has introduced a new version of their large frame double action Super Redhawk.
The Ruger Redhawk Alaskan comes with a 2.5" barrel and is available in .480 Ruger and .454 Casull/.45 Colt.

The .454 was the most powerful handgun cartridge in the world prior to the development of the .500 S&W. It generates pressures approaching 55,000 psi.
That is the same a .300 Weatherby magnum. :shock:

The .454 model also has the ability to shoot the .45 Colt which is far more forgiving on the recoil. The gun was design for carry in where else, Alaska as a defensive measure against grizzly bear attacks, however it has also sparked interest from some concealed carry enthusiasts who only pack the most powerful. 8)

The new Redhawk Alaskan retails for around $650

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Holy crap! One best be hangin on!
Without a doubt. :D Recoil is somewhere in the range of a .300 magnum. :shock:
I owned a Super Redhawk with an 8 in. bbl some years ago, a very nice gun.
I now have a Dan Wesson Arms Mod. 744, in 44 mag.. another nice gun.

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It sounds like you enjoy punishement. :D Do you hunt with those?
Ithaca37 said:
It sounds like you enjoy punishement. :D Do you hunt with those?
I haven't hunted with a handgun as of yet, though I have given some thought to a bear hunt with the DW.
Handgun hunting is supposed to provide an added challenge and be quite enjoyable. I have never hunted with a handgun, although it sounds like it would be fun. I have used a .44 mag model 94 the recoil is surprisingly stiff, I don't think I would ever want to shoot a .44 mag handgun.
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