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Sad Looking Deer

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I've never seen anything like this before. Has anyone else?
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Are those tumers? Man, that is a sad sight.That critter needs to put down!

Any story with the picture?
Yes, Jack! I was remiss in my original post to not say that the deer is riddled with tumors. I know nothing more of the photo - if the deer is wild, domestic or what. Either way, you're right. That fella needs some help.
Maybe it's being kept alive by PETA. That would be humane.
My guess is fibromas. They're wart-like tumors. Fibromas attach to skin only, not muscle. They're generally not deadly but it looks like this buck's going to lose his sight because of the growths. It's unusual for fibromatosis to spread this badly. It's caused by a virus. Fibromas usually stop growing while they're small and sometimes heal and disappear. Since this is a virus, the deer will develop some immunity.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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