Safety 1st in tree stands!

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  1. Just read an article in American hunter that covers tree stand safety. Although most are common sense. There was several studies done that pinpointed on the most common reasons why accidents happen. I thought I would share. Most were overweight. always wear a safety harness. Most injuries occur while getting in or out of the seat. Some waited until dusk to get down in the dark. Always use a rope and have 2 free hands to haul your gear. Don't hurry to get up or down. over the Wt. capacity. always take a phone to the field in the event of emergency. read the instructions and know it's limits
    I hope this helps and will avoid any injuries be safe and good luck hunting!
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  2. There have been a couple around here this season already. It's failure to wear/use the harness that hurts the most.
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  3. I haven't climbed a tree in many years. If I even dream about going up a tree, my wife would kill me. My hunting is from ground blinds.
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