Savage 99C, Cartridge won't seat in BBL

Discussion in 'Shooting' started by Cap'n Jack Duggins, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. My sister just got a 99 in 250-3000 from our dad. Had had cancer in 2001 (still a survivor) and hadn't touched most of his guns since. We scrubbed inside and out though it looked pretty nice, aka not pitted/rusty.

    Problem: cartridges won't seat in the chamber easily, like it should. They feed nicely until the very end, then binds.
    I re-scrubbed & tried again. Same thing.

    So I worked the cartridge in lightly til it started to bind then retracted it, repeated 4 or 5 times to see if I could detect a scratch on the bullet. When I inspected for a scratch, the bullet had been forced into the case about 3/16".

    My sister tried the same thing once and the bullet stuck, case ejected spilling powder.

    Factory ammo.
    The guy I work for at the steel shop says it's possible for the tiny-est rust spot MAY have created a burr not easily visible from the muzzle with a bore-light.

    Anyone here run into this issue? Fix???
  2. Two things that come to my mind are make a chamber cast or get a bore scope for a close detailed inspection.

    The chamber cast isn't difficult; Cerrosafe from Brownells will give you a perfect cast to measure and inspect as needed. Cerrosafe™ - The Gunsmith's Secret Weapon I bet you can find a youtube "How To Video".

    The bore scope; find someone with one (not cheap). I have played with bore scopes in rifle and pistol barrels but while TDY out of state- I don't have one here- well not small enough for a rifle (works in my cannon...).

  3. Bore scope is out unless I run into someone who has one handy.
    That Cerrosafe looks . . . well neat. May have to try that.

    I'll still have to deal with whatever is causing the sticking though.

    Thanks Mongo!
  4. in the extreme...a chamber reamer can be used to correct this issue as far as cleaning the existing chamber. Travis S. on here would know better than anyone what your next step should be.

    I had some rusting in the neck area of an old 30-30..we cleaned it up with a reamer and it was fine after the oiling and better maintenance.
  5. What rounds are you using. Is it stock or a wilcat? Are you using reloads? Way to many questions to be answered fast. Mongo suggested exactly what I woudl do Do a cerro pour and get to measuring then go from there.