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Sayward how ya doing

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The boys wanted me to say hi. We're the little rascals right next to your camp in Bryant Pond. Them boys of mine have caught every fish in front of your camp. We can't wait till summer to see ya again. My oldest boy, really looks up to you. He enjoys your stories, and looking at your carvings. I think he's gonna be full of shit like me. He had a very successful fall some you already know of. I think you know of the bear, and his youth day doe he shot. I took him to Canada, and South carolina, after you left south. He ended up with 2 does, 2 bucks, both 5pointers, and his bear. We're anxious here for summer, and camp. Hope all is well with you. I'll try to keep my beer bottles off your lawn next summer. :lol:
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Willy, I'm not sure Sayward knows about this forum. He's not the most computer saavy one going. I'll be seeing him probably on Wednesday. I'm going over for a visit with Milt Inman and Sayward lives next door.
I'll tell him you said hi and try once again to get him to the forums.
Sounds good. The boys are amxious to see him. Wish him our best.
Will do!
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