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Are there any Sea Duck hunters or folks who would like to be Sea Duck hunter that would like to help out in a project?

this could be a floating hunting club!

I have a older (1980's vintage) 21 ft Grady White fiberglass bowrider with chevy 6 cyl I/O in it that would make a perfect Sea Duck hunting boat. the hull is good and it floats.

I also happen to have a perfectly good 90 HP Johnson outboard engine that would work very nice on this boat. It would need a motor mount bracket built from plywwod/fiberglass to mount it to the stearn.

The engine and outdrive a blown and the boat is a nice Red color.

The plan is to rip out the old chevy engine and outdrive. Close up the hole in the transom with plywood and fiberglass and then sand and paint the boat Camo.

The seats need to be taken out and then install 4 new duck shooting chairs and gun racks along the gunnals

The Bow area will be converted to hold all the decoys and a boarding ladder and dog ramp built off the stern (maybe part of the motor mount).

A removable roof made of camo canvas would be great to shelter the hunters and dogs from cold rain & snow and help keep the boat warmer (Of course Im thinking of having a portable heater in the boat)

Anybody up for working on the boat in exchange for a place to blast ducks next fall.

Lots of skills needed.

Ripper outers to rip out shit.
Sanders and cutters to sand & cut
Carpenters to build
Place to work inside would be nice
welder to make an engine braket and roof frame
Tailor to make the canvas top.

and helpers to help

Right now the boat is in Mass north of Boston and I need to get a trailer to shag it around. I plan on keeping it floating on a mooring in the Saco, River in Maine just south of Old Orchard Beach.

The boat could even be a floating Smelt camp in winter!

Here is a picture of the boat as it sits before the snow came.

I have a trailer and a pickup truck to move it.

Anybody have a heated garage?????

NOTE: For those of you who have never hunted Sea Ducks

#1 They are Delicious! I usually just brest them out, but you can pluck and roast the whole duck if you like.

#2 A generous bag limit. 7 Sea ducks a day and I usually head up river after for my limit of Mallards & Black

#3 Canada Geese swim in the same water. Imagine That

# 4 the downside is that if you not a good shot at moving targets that can fly 60mph at eye level then yuo will shoot lots of shells. After you become profisent at Sea Duck hunting you will still shoot lots of shells. Sometimes flocks of hundreds of birds come in all at once and confuses the hunter as to just which duck they want.

#4 Maine: Sure its Cold, But its a Damp Cold!

Capt Walt
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