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Seems There Aren't a Lot of Deer Anywhere in Maine

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The Outdoor Report from MDIF&W is out today and it gives plenty of reasons why the number of deer killed so far is low. I think we are still waiting for the rut to begin. What cha think?
Read the report.
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You could be right. I read a short article in one of the major hunting/outdoor publications in which they discussed how Maine has some of the best trophy bucks of anywhere. At the end of the two or three short paragraph blurb, it had a single disclaimer, stating somthing to the effect of "Deer hunting in Maine is very difficult." I thought that pretty much said it.
on Deer and Deer Hunting TV, they said the rut wouldnt start untill this week
I knew there was a reason I was feeling this way
Thats why I think Maine generates some of the best hunters in the country. I was talking to a guy who drew a bow tag in Illinois this past season and got talking to a guide out there and when he told him he lived in NH but was originally from ME the guide laughed and said the the New England hunters really put a hurtin on their deer population because we know how to hunt, and aren't scared to change stands or get into or out of the woods in the dark. If it was easy then everyone would be shooting big 200+lb bucks.
Actually guys, I saw one buck "in the act" and two more that were chasing does back on October 21. I was checking fox traps and the deer season hadn't started yet so they were safe.

I think most people didn't see as many deer this year because the food cycle was off. Acorns (in many areas) feel later this year (05) and there were a lot of mushrooms in November.

Remember guys, deer don't have a paper calander! Amount of daylight, temperature, how bright or dark the moon is... It's all part of the equation and it changes a little back and forth every year.
okay the secret is out......deer love mushrooms. I map where I hunt and I mark all of the mushroom locations. In years with little acorn or beechnut yields the deer are all over the 'Shrooms.
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