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Selling Bear Skins

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In Alaska, as an incentive to get more hunters chasing black and brown bears in certain parts of the state, they are going to for the first time ever, allow hunters to sell the skins.

I'm curious if it will really have an effect.
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An interesting concept. Guess it will depend on how much they can get for the skins. I'm not really up on the going rate of gall bladders but is it a reason some people hunt bears in Maine? New Hampshire doesn't allow the sale of any animal parts.
One of the problems in Alaska is the area where they are allowing it is very remote and difficult to reach but the bears and the wolves are killing off all the moose and elk.

Bear bladders don't interest me either but they are big business in Asia.
Just my opinion here, but if these areas are so remote (VERY few hunams ever get there), why is the state of AK so concerned with bears reducing moose calf numbers?
Nature has a natural cycle. If there are too many of one animal, another animals numbers increase and feed on the first. When animal #2 numbers are reduced to a point, animal #1 starves or dies from desease and thier numbers decrease. Checks and balances.

Now some folks may say, "then why allow hunting?" Because of the "DISNEY" mentallity that all wild creatures must take on fluffy animated HUMAN qualities, and we can't allow nature to be so crude and let "INNOCENT animals die that way.

The sale of bear skins WILL NOT reduce bear numbers in the targeted area! The sale of gall bladders will not do it either.
A bounty in an amout to offset the helocopter transportation into these areas might help. A bonus (from the state of AK) to Guides and outfitters for taking thier clients into these areas to hunt bear would help. Both of these would allow higher kill rates in a specific area.

Man's management plans can NOT come from colledge educated thinkers!
It has been proven that does not work...
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You're right Jack. But the Disney affect plays into this as well. I'm not 100% on this, but I believe the Fish and Game are mandated to keep a certain threshold of elk and moose, etc.

Everyone want to go see Bullwinkle and we know how big tourism is in AK.

BTW, AK is trying to pass a wildlife license. Tourist going to AK specifically to take tours, view wildlife, etc. have to buy a $5.00 wildlife pass.
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