Send a Soldier a Package

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  1. My wife and I decided next week we are going to send a package out to a soldier in Iraq. You can go to and find any soldier you want and send along a care package or a letter. It is a legitimate site and has tons of good info. You should consider meeting one soldier and start sending them stuff.

    Support the troops!
  2. This is a great thing Steve!
    Thanks for posting it.

  3. Yea, I was wondering if anybody had some ideas what we should put in the package..
  4. Send them a few buisness cards and invite them to the site. :idea:
  5. I wonder if just an invitation would get them here...

    Somebody on another site suggested beef jerky. Be tough to give up what I have but hey, anything for the troops... :wink:
  6. Imagine you are far from home and far from most stores and PX's. Most of these guys would love a new toothbrush, some non-melting candy, paper and pen to write home, coolaid packets, and card games. Batteries for the discman and new music CD's to share. Sunglasses and sunscreen. Most of all........a package of all gives them hope and your pride in them keeps them coming home.
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    I have a friend over there who is about to return home. He asked us to send outdoor mags, books, jerky, hard candy, sweat shirts and pants (injuried guys in the hospital can really use them) stuff like that. We've been doing it while he was there as a civil contractor but he is rotateing out and his replacement doesn't want to continue doing this. So thanks for the site cause I'll pass it on and maybe we can continue through someone else.